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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 5  NBC  April 29, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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and flores jumped into action. >> i ran down the hill about 200 feet, steep ravine and there was a guy in the car. and i opened the door and he was okay. and he said, hi. i said, hey, you're going to be all right. >> reporter: the el cerrito man told flores he'd been in his car for three days without food or water. >> he was in surprisingly good shape. i couldn't believe how good shape he was in. he didn't seem injured. he seemed really tired, thirsty. that was the main thing. he wanted a sip of water badly. >> reporter: flores sat by the victim's side for an hour until rescuers were able to pull him out using ropes, pulleys and a rescue basket. the man is now recovering in the hospital and the ranger who found him couldn't be happier. >> i feel extremely lucky that i could help this guy.
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and i'm just -- i'm so happy that he's okay. >> reporter: now, the victim has been identified tonight as 53-year-old james wright of el cerrito of the park ranger says one of the first things wright asked for was for him to call his wife. apparently the man's family had reported him missing at the el cerrito police department at about 6:00 monday evening they said they hadn't seen him since early monday morning. so he may have been out there in that ravine for more than four days. now, we are told that wright is recovering at the hospital with his wife and his daughter and is listed in stable condition. reporting live at tilden park, i'm yoeddy hernandez, nbc bay area news. a happy ending to a terrifying crash. four people are being treated for minor injuries after being pepper sprayed on a muni bus in san francisco. our nbc chopper above the scene this afternoon. it happened about 3:00 in the afternoon. the suspect has been taken into
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custody but it isn't clear why the suspect used the pepper spray in the first place. the incident happened near 16th and mission in the heart of the mission district. we'll bring you more details as they become available. and a visiting coach is in hot water tonight, the pitching coach for the atlanta braves is now on administrative leave after making obscene gestures and gay slurs. the braves are investigating roger mcdowell's verbal rant at a group of fans at at&t park last weekend. the coach is accused of threatening a fan with a baseball bat. mcdowell has issued an apology but the team has benched him any way. major league baseball says it's waiting to hear from the team before deciding on possible penalty. san jose police are agreeing to a 10% wage cut that the city is asking of all employee unions even though the department will still likely lose jobs. there are 250 police jobs on the
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chopping block as they look to close the deficit. >> this is a very difficult pill for our membership to swallow for the fact that here we are working alongside some of these men and women for the past several years. we agree to give up 10% to save their jobs and we still know that despite doing that they're still going to lay them off. >> for the pd, 10% across the board cuts should save some 155 jobs, that would otherwise be eliminated but 106 jobs still face the budget ax. the union is hoping the city council can cobble together enough funds to prevent the layoffs. new officers will be hired at a lower wage tier than officers currently on the force. tonight we're learning pg&e record keeping was called into question several years before the san bruno explosion for writing key documents in erasable ink. pg&e released the information in response to a probe of the record keeping. documents reveal authorities
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discovered the practice in 2007 through audits of the utility. in response, pg&e ordered all records to be written in permanent ink going forward. now to a follow up, dead leopard sharks are washing ashore in redwood city. this has prompted state wildlife officials to send in an expert to determine why. a biologist from the california department of fish and game will arrive on monday. experts say leopard shark dieoffs are fairly common in the bay. causes range from water pollution to infections. there's been even speculation that redwood city's tidal gates played a role. the gates control a system of lagoons and canals and may have led to depleted oxygen levels. the city council voted unanimously to close the flood-damaged pacific cove mobile home park, this means nearly 30 residents will be forced to move. the park was heavily damaged by flash flooding last month. the city council decided it was not worth spending the nearly $2 million to bring the park up to code because it could be hit
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with flooding again. now to the royal wedding and a moment witnessed by more than 2 billion people around the world. and there it was. nuptials sealed with a kiss. a blushing prince william kissing his new bride on the balcony of buckingham palace and she looked beautiful. after months of buildup to the wedding of the century, it's now history. katherine middleton married prince william in what was by all accounts a true fairy tale wedding that went off without a hitch. estimated more than 2 billion people around the world tuned in to watch, which would make the wedding the most watched event in tv history. nbc's kristen dahlgren is live in london for us. you look smashing and i have to say, i did get up in the middle of the night to watch it, and i cried, kristen. >> reporter: i'm proud of you, jessica, and it was definitely worth it. it was such a magical day. about 1 million people here on
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the streets of london, as you said, 2 billion people worldwide did wake up to watch it and you know, even with all those people watching there were these really intimate moments between the couple like when katherine first gets to the altar and william says, you look beautiful, or when they emerge and climb into the carriage and she turns to him and says, i'm so happy, and that really just sums it up for the couple, for the crowds, they couldn't have asked for more today. from the moment she was spotted on her drive to the abbey, katherine middleton looked every inch the princess. to the tiara on loan from the queen to the train, the gown left crowds gasping. >> i think it's absolutely gorgeous. it's so beautiful. >> reporter: well wishers from around the world lined up at least ten deep on the streets. >> it was an incredible experience. cat is beautiful, the suits, kate looked amazing.
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>> inside the abby, 1900 fashionable guests gathered to watch the pair exchange vows. once man and wife, the couple climbed into an open-topped carriage, the same one used by william's parents for the mile-long procession. >> nowhere in the world. it's only in england. and it's only in london that can do this. >> at buckingham palace, the story book wedding was sealed with two kisses. on the balcony, a blushing william and his bride delighted onlookers. far and wide, fans celebrated the royals, now known by new titles, the duke and duchess of cambridge. but this was how they left their first reception. william driving his wife in a vintage aston martin, a thoroughly modern royal couple that is clearly already made a
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mark. and, of course, it's not over, a nighttime reception going on now. the queen has left buckingham palace to the younger set, about 300 of katherine and william's closest friends and family there for this nightclub-themed reception with dancing and prince harry has organized a survivor's breakfast for anyone who makes it through the night, jessica. >> i have a feeling quite a few people will be at this survivor's breakfast. speaking about that nighttime party they're having, katherine emerged in a different dress than she wore earlier in the day. what can you tell us about that dress? >> reporter: that's right. this one, another sarah burton number, but it's strapless, it's got jewels, kind of waistband on it, clearly a bit of a younger look. she's got a shrug on over top of it. looks like the princess was ready to party. >> oh, that's nice. strapless, i didn't realize that. well, top of the evening to you, you looked wonderful and you've done a great job covering this for us. thanks, kristen. >> top of the evening indeed, it
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is now 1:00 a.m. london time. for those of you that chose to sleep and watch the tape delay of the royal wedding, well, a lot of people did it in style this morning. almost 200 guests gathered at san francisco's palace hotel for a viewing party and breakfast. they watched the historic ceremony on the big screen while watching and while enjoying traditional british bites. on the menu, take a look, decadent hors d'oeuvres, coddled egg, back bacon, baked beans and four-tiered carrot cake. here in the bay area, fans are making sure the celebration continues. we're joined in campbell to see how locals are honoring the moment famous newly weds on the planet. >> reporter: i'm here at lisa's tea treasures where they're serving up lemon curd, scones and talk about the royal wedding. >> love and peace together. >> reporter: after watching every detail of the royal wedding this morning, these ladies are embracing their inner
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royal, at lisa's tea treasures in campbell. >> it was important to celebrate the royal wedding because we saw when princess diana got married and you know we all knew about when prince william was born and i think we're just coming around full circle and i thought it was just important to celebrate. >> reporter: celebrating with a traditional royal tea and lots of analysis of the nuptials. >> i thought it was beautiful. i just loved her dress and all the pomp and circumstance. >> my favorite moment was when they took the picture when they were kissing and the little flower maiden was having a tantrum in front. and i thought, they may be rich, they may be celebrities but they're still human. >> reporter: from tea towels with the faces of the prince and princess to this commemorative china commissioned by the royal collection, guests were charmed by the royal touches. even the menu reflects the spirit of the royal wedding with the princess passion, princess katherine cake. giving the bay area royal
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watchers a reason to bust out their tiaras and celebrate a blissful occasion an ocean away. i talked to some women who said that after they finished having tea here they plan to go home and watch the royal wedding once again for a second time from start to finish. i've got to tell you, this royal fever is really catching on. in fact, i think i may even wear my tiara to the sharks game tonight. reporting live, maryann favro, nbc bay area news. >> it suits you. thank you very much. still ahead at 5:00, the dmv sending tens of thousands of warning letters to drivers. we'll explain the new rules that will soon be in effect. >> why multiple pregnancies may be putting women at risk of suffering serious health problems. >> and the president tours the devastation left behind by the deadly outbreak of tornadoes. his special visit also with congresswoman gabrielle giffords. i'm jeff ranieri live in the
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east bay, we're gearing up for the livermore wine country festival. one of the hottest game shows in tv, "minute to win it" is here holding open auditions. how you could end up on the show,
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the president and first lady traveled to tornado-ravaged alabama today to see the devastation firsthand. the string of tornadoes is now the deadliest since the great depression and could very well end up being the deadliest in u.s. history. chris clackum was on the ground with the president and halz the latest from alabama. >> reporter: president obama had earlier called the loss of some 300 lives heart breaking. >> i've got to say, i've never seen devastation like this. >> reporter: touring with governor bob bentley, the president spoke one-on-one with
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victims and with a promise. >> i want to just make a commitment to the communities here that we are going to do everything we can to help these communities rebuild. >> reporter: words of comfort for those in the hardest hit of alabama. this is what the president and first lady could see flying in on air force one. the half-mile-wide path wednesday's tornado took and the devastation it left in its wake. just one of more than 170 tornadoes that struck across the south. and for many, recovery means starting over. because there's nothing left. >> just got to rebuild and just got to use this for something good. >> reporter: all across the south, many who seemingly had lost all picked through what's left. and at least maintained some hope. >> the people have come together, helping -- team work, and neighbors being neighbors, and i mean, it's just the human factor going. people loving each other. you can see god working everywhere. >> reporter: chris clackum, nbc news, pleasant grove, alabama.
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>> nasa will try again next week, just hours before the final flight of the shuttle "endeavour" launch teams at kennedy space center scrubbed the liftoff, the reason? a heating failure in a critical power unit. president obama traveled to kennedy space center where he met with the shuttle astronauts as well as arizona congresswoman gabrielle gefrds. this was giffords' first trip out of hospital since she was shot in january. her husband, mark kelly, is commander of that mission. the faa replaced three top air traffic control managers today in the wake of several dangerous and embarrassing mistakes. the performance of midlevel managers also being re-examined. the shakeup comes after several incidents in which air traffic controllers were found sleeping on the job. last week another air traffic controller mistakenly allowed a plane carrying the first lady to fly dangerously close to a cargo jet. topping our health watch tonight, in a ruling being
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applauded by the scientific community, government funding for stem cell research is once again legal in the united states. in a 2-1 decision, the district court says research on embryos would be -- that would be discarded is legal. the original judge ruled embryonic stem cell research necessarily depends on the destruction of a human embryo. last summer's decision put a chill on stem cell research in the u.s. where private funding for the research and existing stem cell lines are both in short supply. abortion foes are not happy with today's ruling and are vowing to appeal it. a new study suggests multiple pregnancies may raise a woman's risk for health problems. university of cincinnati researchers examined pregnant mice during either their first or fourth pregnancy. researchers found the mice in their fourth pregnancy had several gluk koes intolerance and more fat tissue compared to mice in their first pregnancy. the four-time moms also
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exhibited signs of early heart disease. it's a beautiful friday night in the bay area, and as usual, jeff ranieri has dumped us and headed out for greener pastures. >> not necessarily green, maybe a little red as in some vino. what do you have? >> we are sampling some of the best right now, it's all about the livermore wine country festival happening this saturday and sunday. napa and sonoma are known for wine, livermore started in the wine industry in 1849. come out this weekend, there's going to be of course wine, also beer and plenty of activities for your kids, and you do not want to miss the nbc bay area pavilion. i'm telling you, you guys, all of our nbc fans know "minute to win it" the game show, joining us is tiffany and you're actually the casting director, we are so grateful to have you here today. >> i'm so excited to be here. >> you're from the bay area.
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>> i'm from san jose. this is fun to come home and do this. >> give us a quick synopsis. >> basically minute to win it is a family friendly prime time nbc game show where people play games out of things you find lying around your house. the games escalate in difficulty and dollar amount and value until you can ultimately play the million-dollar game and win $1 million. >> yeah, and they're seemingly easy, but they're so difficult. so we have one here, i'm going to try this. what is this called? >> face to cookie. one of our most popular games because if seems so simple, but we'll see what happens. >> this is when not getting botox might work to my advantage. so i put the cookie on my forehead. >> i'll give you a minute, now your facial muscles trying to -- >> i can't even -- let me try it again. >> further back. further back. >> way back here? >> no, your headway back here. >> i'm about to -- >> your brows and cheeks, there you go, look at that. >> oh, almost! >> well, it's really hard, but
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quite a bit of fun. i think i still have oreo cookie on my forehead. tiffany, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> if people want to audition, it's open audition on saturday at 11:00 in the morning. >> 11:00. we see everybody in line by 3:00 p.m. we're looking for contess tanlts for minute to win as well as another game show. >> that was a lot of fun. but so hard, oh, my gosh. kids make it look so easy on that game. as we head throughout tonight we're looking at breezy conditions in the hills, and as we head throughout this weekend, yes, some of the best weather ming our way. we have had in months. i think you brought it with you from southern california, it's going to be nice. we're calling it warm here, 70s, and as we head throughout sunday, the warming trend continues in the south bay we'll be starting off with some 40s to near 50 degrees and then as we head throughout 10:00 a.m. we're looking at 69 in gilroy, 59
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livermore, 62 santa rosa. and seven-day forecast, temperatures shlowly warming to low 80s coming on back. all right, you guys. tiffany and i are going to cheers it back to you in the studio. and here's to so many from the bay area making it on the show and winning big. and by the way if you work for nbc we're disqualified already. >> absolutely, i'm sorry. >> sorry, jessica. >> i was going to do the stacking game! i'm fantastic at that. and i can do the oreo game. >> very good. cheers to jeff. should be a great weekend. >> i'm going to have to go out with a wig to pretend it's not me. still ahead, is superman suddenly un-american? the surprisingly political turn for the man of steel. >> and how the royal wedding made for a record breaking day in cyberspace.
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well, a warning tonight for all of you that drive hybrids,
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the dmv says it will begin mailing letters to tens of thousands of hybrid owners warning them they'll soon be no longer able to use the carpool lane. this will start in july. hybrid drivers had been issued a yellow sticker granting special access to the carpool lane. but next year the dmv will create a new sticker for the vehicles more ecofriendly. we have a change of one of the most popular men on the earth, for decades superman fought for truth, justice and the american way. not anymore. in the latest issue, superman renounces his uz citizenship out of concern that his heroics are viewed as benefiting the united states exclusively. this is one of the three different covers released this week. so while many superman -- he's going global now, his alter ego clark kent is staying in metropolis and keeping his usual low profile. >> we'll be right back with the record breaking impact on the internet. et
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talk about the wedding of the century. while 2 billion people around the world watched their tv sets for the i dos, another section of the population watched on their computers. a server company estimates 2 million people watched live streams of the wedding, nearly double the amount of the streams seen during the world cup. an additional 500,000 people streamed on demand video. the traffic, the tracker company says web traffic was up 20% over all during that wedding service. >> and sunnyvale shattered their online streaming as well. >> and i shattered my tissue box. >> more news at 6:00. >> bye-bye.
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